Upon pick up the traveller will need to start the handover check list process by answering the 10 questions presented under ‘My handover’ in their Tekkova profile. The questions will take in to consideration the overall mechanical condition of the car, interior & exterior cleanliness, paint condition, visible body damage or blemishes, fuel tank level, odometer reading, etc.

Once submitted, the answers to the 10 questions will appear right away under ‘My handover’ in the host’s Tekkova profile. Once the traveller submits their answer and it is confirmed by the host, the first stage of handover is complete.

The car may not be driven off unless the host agrees and confirms the answers to the checklist. Then the host and traveller both in their Tekkova profile under ‘My bookings’ must confirm picked up. At this stage the car can be driven off.

After the trip when the car has been returned, both the host and traveller must confirm Returned under ‘My bookings’. This time the Host must start the handover checklist process and answer the 10 questions and the answers will appear on traveller’s Tekkova profile under ‘My handover’. Once it is submitted by the host and confirmed by the traveller, this will finalise the Handover process.